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I'm giving this out for free, so I'd really like it if you passed this on to at least 1 other person you know. and tell them to do the same. You're a fantastic human being, thank you.


released November 21, 2010

all songs written, performed, and recorded by m. lux
at the lovenest, chicago IL

artwork by kristen ostrowski



all rights reserved


Michael Lux and the Bad Sons / Bellephonics Chicago, Illinois

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Track Name: So Loud
I get this feeling
Nothing's gonna change
I get it all the time
I tried to shake it
Now I embrace it
I can't stand wasting time
I cant' hide no
Where can I be myself
These people mean nothing
I feel them follow me
I feel their eyes upon me
These people are zombies

When we kiss its so loud
Lets get high and touch ourselves
Tackle you at Grant Park
Throw some shit at the brontosaur
Make a mess in the institute
Get us drunk out at the zoo

I want to get out
I want to take my girl
I want to blow it up
I'm gonna get born
I'm gonna find a place
We're gonna runaway
Track Name: Posies
we're so good
we've got love
we've got the world
we're so bored
we've got guns
weekend fun

my poison heart shoots blind arrows
posies in fall remind me of you
steal my car, read my tarot
pencil my life the way that you do
haze that got out, feverish clouds
popsicle posies always in bloom

Pop Bottles of wine fill my house
tasting like sex under the moon
the haze gets out of feverish clouds
popsicle posies always in bloom
Track Name: Coming Around
Never Before, Never again
could i meet another I could let in
I'd try so hard to stay away
I wouldn't want to try anyway

I look at you when your coming around
I look at you when your coming around
I still see you when you are coming around

Nobody knows just what to do
with me or what i've put me through
i didn't ask for you to care
your heart is naked, conscience bare

all that i want to see is in front of me and you

i look at you when your coming around
i look at you when your coming around
i still see you when you are coming around
Track Name: Killer
See her walk around
she floats just like a candy cane
when we stop to talk
well i could tell her anything

but this

i was a killer
before i met you
when i was young
i was a killer

fancy as the sun
she floats just like a benzedrine
she could write my life
she knows just about everything

but this
Track Name: Saturday's Boys
in to town from the east side
checkered taxi with no where to go
we've all found the place we'll end up
such pretty faces in the window

eddie baby threw the microphone
heads are heavy, silver stars
lost our minds in the barroom
i want to show you what you are

in downtown streets
the hangman
plays tricks on me
but he don't know
we're saturdays boys

everybodys got their own tune
for two buck fifty they'll sing it for you
wind it up a little more
i think its fair you think its war